Our Mission

Making Australian jobs available to the global workforce and connecting Australian businesses to a larger talent pool when recruiting

The Visa Jobs Vision

  1. Simplify the TSS Visa process for candidates and employers
  2. Connect Australian employers with valid global candidates through our dedicated TSS job site
  3. Reduce the cost for employers and migrants through the TSS Visa scheme

Why We Started Visa Jobs

We started Visa Jobs to help people achieve their dreams and for businesses to connect to a global workforce. All without the extra costs and hard work.

Recognising the aspirations of many people to live and work in Australia, we have built a marketplace that will allow them to successfully navigate the TSS Visa process. Our platform aims to give everyone the knowledge about the TSS Visa, help you determine your eligibility and eventually help you find work in one of the world’s strongest economies.

For Australian businesses, our goal is to help them in their struggle to grow their teams with skilled and talented members. Through our platform, we aim to help businesses better understand the TSS Visa requirements and connect them with ideal candidates who are not only qualified but also eligible to work in Australia.

History / How we got here

2016 - Australian Growth & Strength

2016 - Australian Growth & Strength

Australia’s economy was growing but the Australian talent base was finding it hard to keep up with the demand. Meanwhile, many people were also expressing their interest in migrating to Australia to live and advance their careers. This desire to come to Australia was growing but there was little to no assistance in understanding how to make it happen. The need to help businesses was clear and the need to help people get to Australia was evident as well.

2017 - A Time For Change

2017 - Mastering the TSS VISA

The Australian government announced that the 457 Visa was to be abolished and replaced by the TSS Visa. This caused a lot of confusion about the future of the employer-sponsored visa from both candidates and employers. We saw the need to guide people through the process so we decided to start researching how the new TSS Visa would work and affect people. It was obvious that the process was difficult as the information flow from the government was slow, but we started creating our platform and gathering information

2018 - New tools & Resources

2018 - New tools & Resources

With the new TSS Visa in force it was time to finish off creating the TSS Visa Help centre to provide global candidates with all the information they needed to know about the visa. We further simplified the process with a Free TSS Visa Test Tool for users to check if they were eligible. As we helped more people understand the TSS Visa, we realised that we could still push the envelope more. Helping candidates and businesses has been at the forefront of all our decisions and continue to do so.

2019 - Complete Marketplace

2019 - Complete Marketplace

We launched the new Visa Jobs website, the first online platform where global candidates and Australian employers could easily navigate through the entire TSS Visa process from understanding the visa and requirements right through to employment in Australia.

We extended the TSS Visa Help centre to not only cater for candidates but also employers, explaining in detail what they need to know. We formed a partnership with a reputable Migration agency so that we could offer our candidate members a professional assessment of their eligibility based on the documents they had gathered, giving them peace of mind. It also meant we could offer both candidates and employers discounted rates on professional fees when it came to visa lodgments if required. Finally we created our job site dedicated only to TSS Visa jobs. Here employers could advertise their job vacancies knowing only candidates who are truly eligible and ready to apply for the visa can apply. For candidates, it helps overcome one of the biggest hurdles; finding Australian job opportunities with employers who are actually willing and able to sponsor.

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