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How it all started

Welcome to Visa Jobs!

My name is Jonny, British born and now an Australian citizen. I left the UK in 2010 to travel and like most British backpackers, ended up in Australia. I quickly realised that I wanted to stay long term and start a life here. It was not an easy process to find reliable information, not all employers could or would offer sponsorship, and as a backpacker I did not have a huge amount of money to pay for professional help.

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In the end I was lucky enough to find a great employer who sponsored me and then supported my Permanent Residency application. The rest is history! I was extremely lucky, Although it was easier to find employers whilst in Australia compared to being overseas, it was still a frustrating and hard process.

That is where the idea of Visa Jobs started. 

After working for a few years at a Melbourne based migration agency and international recruitment company, I realised the work we did there was great but it wasn’t enough. There were still thousands of skilled workers we couldn’t help due to them being in different industries to what we specialised in, the difficulty of the process and knowing what documents were required, and not being able to easily scale our services to help all of those in need. 

With an increased reliance on technology and improved access to the internet globally, we decided to break away from the traditional approach most companies take. We wanted to create an online platform that anyone, no matter what their occupation, location or level of experience, could use to get easy-to-understand information, guidance and access to any professional service they might need to make their dream of migrating to Australia come true.

Since Visa Jobs began in 2017, the platform has evolved a lot. Instead of concentrating solely on the employer sponsored TSS visa, we have formed a number of partnerships so our users can get access to a wider range of jobs and services, and we now cover a wide range of visa options supported by our registered migration agent partners.

We aim to continue evolving the platform, creating new tools, resources and partnerships, to help make your dream come true. We hope you find our platform helpful and you will be calling Australia home soon!



Our vision


We started Visa Jobs in 2017 to help people achieve their dreams of migrating to Australia, and for Australian businesses to easily connect with a skilled global workforce. Visa Jobs is a platform that provides a start-to-finish solution for workers and employers to have access to all of the resources needed to complete the process. All without extra costs and hard work. 

Our goal has always been to create a platform that provides migrants all around the world with easy to understand information about Australian visas, tools to help navigate through the process and check visa eligibility and connect them with employers, migration agents, and any other third party services that are required to complete the process.

For Australian businesses, we aim to help them in their struggle to grow their workforce with skilled and talented members. Through our platform and Registered Migration Agent partnerships, employers get access to visa information and support to navigate them through the complex process of employing overseas workers. Our job site and recruitment partners offer the final stage of the process, connecting them directly with skilled visa-ready workers.

Our mission

  1. To create the no.1 platform offering a start-to-end solution for anyone wanting to migrate to Australia
  2. Connect Australian employers with skilled workers through our Visa Jobs job site
  3. Reduce the cost for employers and migrants through the various Australian visa schemes

Corporate partnerships 

Visa Jobs is continuously forming new partnerships and affiliations with various companies in order to create a platform where our users get access to all of the professional services and information they may need to successfully migrate to Australia.

We only believe in forming partnerships and affiliations with companies whose products and services add value to our users, and whose values are in line with Visa Jobs.

For full transparency, certain products, services, or links that are advertised on this site will generate Visa Jobs a commission or referral fee for any purchases you make. These commissions and referral fees are a way for us to keep the site going and for us to continuously develop new online tools that will help you. 

If you would like to know more about our current partners please contact us for more information.

Does your company help people migrate to Australia?

If the answer is yes, then we would love to hear from you. We are always looking for new partners whose services would benefit our users, especially Registered Migration Agents and recruiters. 

If you would like to discuss how our companies could work together, please contact us today.

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