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Let Visa Jobs take care of finding you the best Australian MARA Registered Migration Agent, based on your visa needs.

Australian visas can be very complex making it hard to know what to do when applying for your visa. Getting something wrong can result in wasted time, money and significant delays in the visa process. Even worse, your application being refused without a refund. 

Getting professional advice and services from a MARA Registered Migration Agent eliminates these risks. Visa Jobs work with a number of reputable and established agents. No matter what your needs are, we can connect you with the best suited agent, and at discounted rates.

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    Who should use a Registered Migration Agent

    Engaging a MARA Registered Migration Agent is a great idea for anyone who is not confident in lodging their own visa application, or is unsure what the visas legislation means. Getting something wrong or not submitting the correct information can have serious consequences. Such as significant delays to the visa outcome, or worse your visa is refused. If this happens there will be no refund for the money you have paid.

    How using a Registered Migration Agent will make your life easier

    A professional MARA Registered Migration Agent will have years of experience dealing with Australian legislations. They understand what is required to get a visa application approved. A good Registered Migration Agent should save you time, money and stress. They will quickly identifying your visa options, explaining exactly which documents you will need to gather, and then submit your visa application so that it meets all of the government’s requirements. 

    Gathering the correct documents for the visa application

    For most visas there are a large number of documents you must gather. They will help demonstrate to the government case officer, you are eligible for the visa. This is such an important step as missing information, documents or errors can cause massive delays or even visa refusals.

    A good Migration Agent will explain the documents needed, how best to get them and what to include. They will then check each document is correct as you gather them.

    Lodging your visa application correctly, first time

    Lodging your visa is the most important part of the process. Like with any type of application you want it approved and not refused. Every application is assessed by a government case officer and on a case-by-case basis. They check the information and documents that are submitted, against the legislation and requirements for the visa.

    Using a Migration Agent to lodge your visa application will eliminate a lot of the hard work for you. They will create your IMMI account, complete all the forms, upload your documents and liaise with the case officer if required. They will make sure everything correct before you pay the government fees and before submitting the application. 

    If there are any concerns or potential issues the Migration Agent will discuss them with you and advise potential outcomes. This can save you thousands of dollars in non refundable government fees, if there is a chance your application may not be successful.


    Migration Agent services Visa Jobs can help you with

    At Visa Jobs we are not Registered Migration Agents, however, we have partnered with a number of reputable and experienced Australian Migration Agents. They are able to offer a range of different services at a discounted rate for Visa Jobs Free Members.

    Migration Agent consultations – 30 or 60 minutes available

    Everyone’s goals or requirements are different. It’s therefore important to understand what each visa allows you to do and whether that fits with your goals. You can spend hours researching each visa, its requirements and checking your eligibility, or you can have a short discussion with Australian Migration Agents. They will assess your situation, goals and background to determine your best visa options. They will check your visa eligibility based on the legislation and advise you accordingly.

    You can book a 30 or 60 minute consultation which is fully refundable, if you decide to use the Migration Agent for further services.* Simply contact us and explain what you would like to discuss in the consultation. We will explain what information you will need to provide before the consultation. Then we will find the best Australian Migration Agents based on your request and organise the video call.

    *If you engage the Migration Agent for the lodgement of your visa application or services for skills assessments or registration, the consultation fee will be 100% refunded.

    Migration Agent Visa Eligibility Report – $149 AUD

    You may only require to have your documents and visa eligibility assessed by our Australian Migration Agents. Our Visa Eligibility Report gives you peace of mind that you are actually eligible to apply for a visa. If you are not currently eligible, we will identify what you must do or gather in order to become eligible.

    The Migration Agent will assess all of your documents and information. Then based on the documents provided, they will write a detailed report. This report will outline their professional opinion regarding your visa eligibility and visa options. 

    This is a great tool for job seekers, especially if you are located overseas. One of the biggest issues for overseas workers is being able to demonstrate to a potential Australian employer that they are eligible for the visa and have gathered all of the required documents. This report provides proof you have been assessed as visa eligible and therefore are able to apply for the visa, as soon as you are offered the job.

    Visa lodgement service

    Regardless of which visa you plan on applying for, we have partnered with a number of Migration Agents that can lodge the visa application on your behalf.

    Get peace of mind an experienced Migration Agent will go through all of your documentation, check your visa eligibility and then submit the application correctly. The professional fees for visa lodgement services by our Migration Agent partners will vary depending on the visa subclass you wish to apply for.

    Below are some of the more common visas but feel free to contact us if your chosen visa isn’t below or you would like more information.

    482 Visa

    Employer-sponsored work visa

    491 Visa

    State-sponsored regional work visa

    494 Visa

    Employer-sponsored regional work visa

    186 Visa

    Employer-sponsored PR visa

    187 Visa

    Employer-sponsored PR visa

    189 Visa

    Skilled independent PR visa

    190 Visa

    State-sponsored skilled PR visa

    407 Visa

    Workplace-based training visa

    500 Visa

    International student visa

    476 Visa

    Skilled recognised graduate visa

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