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Fed up of applying for Australian jobs and getting nowhere? Let Visa Jobs do the hard work for you

Are you facing the same obstacles as thousands of other migrants wanting to find Australian sponsored jobs? Spending hours searching and applying to jobs and not even being invited to interview? If the answer is yes, then you need to change your approach.

Visa Jobs will save you the time and effort by getting your CV in front of employers and recruiters who are interested in hiring overseas workers, so all you have to do is concentrate on the interview.

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    Why is it so hard to find Australian sponsored jobs?

    Every year hundreds of thousands of skilled workers dream of migrating to Australia for a better life or for career progression. 

    Unfortunately, only a small percentage manage to make the move. One of the main reasons is that they can’t find an employer willing to sponsor them, or employers aren’t interested unless they are already in Australia with work rights. 

    From an employer’s perspective, it’s a huge risk in comparison to hiring applicants in Australia that can start straight away. There are extra costs involved and then they have to wait additional months before the visa is even approved. 

    The good news is that we have the solution.

    Don’t make the same mistake as everyone else

    One of the most common mistakes people make is wasting their time searching and applying to jobs straight away. For any Australian visa there are a number of documents you must gather in order to lodge your visa application. It takes most people at least a few months to gather all of them. 

    Employers know this, which is why it’s important to be able to prove to them you have all your documents ready, are eligible for the visa, and can lodge the visa application as soon as you are offered the job.


    The Visa Jobs placement solution

    We understand first hand how hard it is for overseas workers to find Australian sponsored jobs. That is why we have created our Job Placement service. Our experienced team will take the stress out of finding an Australian employer no matter where in the world you are located. We work with a number of employers and recruitment agencies covering a range of occupations. We take care of everything from creating your profile to organising interviews, so you don’t have to.

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    Our Job Placement service

    At Visa Jobs we understand what Australian employers and recruiters are looking for when searching for overseas workers. We tailor candidates profiles and CVs for the Australian job market, increasing your chances of being considered for opportunities. Our team will discuss your goals and find Australian sponsored jobs that match them. We then present your CV and profile to the employer and take care of arranging the interviews.

    How it works

    If you are interested in our help finding an employer, the process is really simple:

    Step 1: You send us a copy of your CV 
    Step 2: Visa Jobs will check your visa eligibility or status
    Step 3: We discuss your migration goals and job requirements
    Step 4: Our team will create your Australian CV and profile
    Step 5: Visa jobs will find you suitable employers and recruiters
    Step 6: We will organise everything from interviews to employment contracts
    Step 7: Our affiliated Migration Agents will lodge your visa application

    Employment interview

    Making sure you are job ready

    Unlike online job sites, Visa Jobs ensures all applicants either have a valid visa, or are eligible to apply for the visa. Therefore, our team will need to make sure you are eligible before presenting your profile to employers or recruiters. We do this by having your documents assessed by a Registered Migration Agent or completing a VEVO check.

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    Do you need our help finding Australian sponsored jobs?

    If you are interested in our help finding Australian sponsored jobs, contact us today. Provide us with as much information as possible. Include your current visa situation, which visa you plan on applying for, your occupation, and experience. One of our team members will then get in contact to discuss your options and how Visa Jobs can help you.

      Frequently asked questions (FAQ) – About Job Placement services

      If I use Visa Jobs to help find me an employer, do I have to pay any fees upfront?

      No, Visa Jobs will not charge you any fees for using our Placement services. There are also no other fees required for you to pay upfront. If we are successful in finding you an employer then you will be required to submit your visa application through our affiliated Registered Migration Agents who will charge any applicant through Visa Jobs at a discounted rate.

      Contact us for more information or to find out how much your visa costs will be.

      Why do I have to use Visa Jobs affiliated Registered Migration Agents for my visa application?

      If you sign an employment contract for a job that our Placement team has organised for you, then our affiliated Registered Migration Agents will lodge your visa application, on your behalf. As we do not charge you for our Placement services, we make our money through referral fees from our affiliated Migration Agents.

      We can let you know the full amount for the Migration Agent’s professional fees for your chosen visa, right from the start so you are aware of all the costs involved. Contact us to find out more.

      What type of jobs can Visa Jobs help with?

      We are in contact and help a large number of Australian employers and recruiters covering all industries. We get a number of job vacancies from employers offering sponsorship in the hospitality, trades and construction, medical and IT sectors.

      All the jobs we help fill are on a full-time basis and are with employers who are able to offer sponsorship through the TSS Visa, if required. We can also help people find employment through other visas such as the 491, 189 and 190 Visas.

      Contact us today and send a copy of your CV to and we can see how we can help you.

      What happens if I find my own job or decide I no longer need Visa Jobs help finding a job?

      That’s not a problem, as there is no fee for our help if you manage to find your own job or change your mind. If you so require help lodging your visa application then we can still put you in contact with a Registered Migration Agent who can lodge the application for you.

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