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How do international students benefit from using Visa Jobs?

Studying in a country like Australia is a dream for many students across the world, however, making it a reality can be a complicated process. Our experienced team and Registered Migration Agents will guide you through the entire migration and enrolment process, ensuring it is stress free and easy for you.  

    Why Australia is the best country in the world to study in!

    Australia is currently the third most popular destination for overseas students wanting to study abroad. There are currently over 700,000 International students studying in Australia and it’s easy to understand why. Australia has one of the best education systems in the world including eight of the top 100 ranked universities.

    Globally recognised qualifications aside, Australia offers an amazing quality of living with some of the most beautiful beaches and places in the world. It boasts such a diverse range of cultures with 30% of the country being born overseas. Resulting in a vibrant multicultural country with amazing culinary offerings, among many other benefits. International students have the option to work whilst studying, and once qualified you may have the option to transition onto other visas, allowing you to stay even longer!

    How to get an Australian student visa and enrol in a course

    To study in Australia you are going to need to have a valid visa. For most international students you will need to be granted a Student Visa subclass 500. 

    Like all Australian visas there are a number of documents you must provide to prove that you meet the requirements. One key requirements is that you enrol in a full-time course and provide evidence of Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE).

    You therefore must apply to your chosen institute and be accepted, before being able to lodge your visa application. To be accepted onto a course and issued a CoE you will need to provide a number of specific documents. You must also pay the tuition fees for your first semester of study. 

    Let Visa Jobs take care of the whole process for you!

    The process of finding and enrolling in a course can be very time consuming and stressful, on top of this you then need to go through the visa application process for your Student Visa. This is where Visa Jobs can help.

    Our Australian student visa services are FREE!

    If you are interested in studying with an Australia student visa then we will happily help you, FREE of charge. That means you can take advantage of our team’s expert knowledge to not only help find the best course for you but also to ensure you gather all of the required documents, correctly.

    You may wonder how we make any money from helping you. It’s simple, if you enrol in a course through Visa Jobs, we receive a commission from the education provider, instead of charging you. We also outsource all our visa work to Registered Migration Agents we have partnerships with, they also provide us with a commission in return for the referral.

    How our student advisors will help you

    Our experienced team will help you from start to finish. We will make sure you enrol in the best course to meet your needs. By using Visa Jobs student services you will get the following help:

    One-on-one counselling: We start off by finding out more about your education level, experience and what your main goals. We then find available courses and advise which may be the best options to match your goals so you can decide.

    Gathering the correct documents: There are a number of documents you must provide for both enrolment and the visa application. We will explain exactly which documents you need and what information must be included. We will also check them to make sure they meet the requirements.  

    Course enrolment and student visa lodgement: We will take care of all this for you. We submit the enrolment documents and paperwork, then once you have received your CoE, we will lodge your visa application. We will liaise with both the course provider and Department of Immigration on your behalf, and keep you up-to-date 

    What costs will you need to pay for your Australian student visa

    Below lists the main costs that you will be expected to pay as well as other potential expenses that may be required:

    *Tuition fees vary depending on the type of course, level of qualification and location. For a price range per qualification see our FAQ section.


    Other potential costs:

    If you plan on including your family or partner, there will be additional government fees for each secondary applicant. Any secondary applicant over the age of 18 will be charged at $460 AUD and anyone under the age of 18 will be charged $150 AUD.

    A key requirement for the visa is proving you will be a Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE). You are required to submit a written statement addressing the GTE criteria. If you require additional guidance and help completing your statement then our affiliated partners can offer these services. Prices range from $700 – $2,000 AUD depending on your chosen course.

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    Do you need our help getting your Australian Student Visa?

    If you are interested in learning more about the Australian student visa subclass 500 feel free to contact us today. We will send you more information about the visa, available courses and help you decide the best option for you. Our experienced team can guide you through the entire process. We will help with gathering your documents, enrolment and lodging your visa application on your behalf. 

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