How to Land Your Employer-Sponsored Visa for Australia

One key component of a TSS Visa application is finding an Australian employer who is both able and willing to sponsor an overseas worker. Individuals granted an employer-sponsored visa have this opportunity because of the wide range of skills and experience they possess. By sponsoring overseas workers, employers are able to fill gaps in their workforce with talents that aren’t available from within their local labour market.  

During this visa processing phase, it is the employer who will be putting their name, time and money on the line to be able to bring a foreign national over to the country. With this in mind, employers take a great amount of care to ensure that the individuals they hire are not only eligible for a visa but also have the right qualification in order to perform well in their work.

Having worked with numerous Australian businesses and global candidates, here are some of the key factors we have seen that employers look at when trying to find their next hire. 


There are a number of national job sites such as Seek or Indeed that advertise thousands of job vacancies in Australia. One thing a lot of overseas workers will start off with when looking at migrating to Australia is to apply for jobs straight away.

This is generally a waste of time and effort for both you and the employer. 

You may have already tried this and if so, most likely didn’t even make it through to the first round of interviews. This has nothing to do with your skills and experience, or whether you are suitable for the job or not. It is simply due to the fact that employers want to fill their job vacancies as soon as possible. No employer wants to spend the time and effort finding their ideal candidate only to find out the candidate still needs to gather all of their required documents which could add on months delay their start date.

So the best thing to do is to gather all of the required documents you will need to lodge your TSS Visa application and then have them all assessed by a Registered Migration agent. This way, when you apply you can let employers know that you have been assessed as eligible by a Registered Migration agent and can apply for the TSS Visa straight away if offered the job.

Work Experience

One of the first and most important things that employers take into consideration when trying to find the right global candidate for their position is work experience. They need to be confident you have the right level of experience, knowledge, and skills required to effectively carry out the role if hired. The minimum level of experience will vary from employer to employer depending on the role.

Proving you have relevant work experience is also a critical part of the TSS Visa application. For visa purposes, most occupations will require a minimum of two years experience however, some may require more.

If you don’t currently have enough experience then you will have to wait until you do. If that’s the case, make sure the experience you get relates directly to the occupation you wish to be sponsored in.

Letters of Recommendation

Employers like to see proof that you have previously worked well in similar roles. Letters of recommendations or written references from previous employers are a great way of demonstrating this. 

These documents not only verify your employment history but they can also give you an edge over other applicants. They can illustrate your abilities and achievements whilst giving employers or hiring managers a glance at your work ethics, personality and how you have interacted with your previous superiors and colleagues. 

Similar to work experience, letters of recommendation or written references are also important documents when applying for a TSS Visa. The documents you use within your visa application must contain specific information in order for them to be usable. In addition, providing supporting documents such as employment contracts or payslips will always strengthen any application.

Tip: If you really want to stand out from the rest of the applicants, why not include other documents proving your abilities. Over the years, we have seen a number of candidates who have sent in videos or portfolios of their work as well as media releases or articles about them which has been very effective.

Work experience and good references, however, are not the be-all-end-all in a job application. Employers also look for other qualities in their new hires. 

Good Communication Skills

An employer will always prefer someone who is able to communicate their ideas and opinions effectively. Good communication skills include oral communication, listening skills, written communication and presentation skills. Highlighting this skillset can set you apart from other candidates and help you make a solid first impression on your prospective employer.

In relation to communication skills, it is also important that you have a good level of proficiency in the English language to show that you are ready to transition to a society where English is the medium of communication. This requirement is not only important during your job interview process, but also for your TSS Visa application.

Ability to Work Well with Others

Employers also value candidates who have good interpersonal skills. It can help you during your job interviews and will increase your chances of landing your desired job. It can also be valuable in your career advancement.

Often called “people skills,” they demonstrate to your prospective employer that you have the ability to build good relationships with your colleagues, superiors, customers and even vendors. They also showcase your ability to effectively work through any challenges or conflicts that may arise, as well as to motivate and encourage others to participate in collaborative projects to achieve team success.

Right Skills and Culture Fit

One of the more important facets that employers take into account when considering a candidate for a job and an employer-sponsored visa is the match of the applicant’s skillsets to the occupation. Employers want someone who is proficient at the work they will need to do, and someone who won’t require a considerable amount of training. 

Equally important is an applicant’s cultural fit to that of the organisation they are applying for. Employers understand that employees who fit well in their company perform better and have greater satisfaction in their jobs. Thus, employers are always on the lookout for candidates who can share the same beliefs and values and whose work attitude aligns with their company culture. 

We recommend that you look into this aspect of the company before you apply to learn more about their work environment and culture


Hiring managers also look for candidates who have the initiative to get the job done without always being told. They want someone who is reliable and responsible enough to anticipate potential problems and plan ahead to ensure that every project is delivered successfully. As a candidate, you can demonstrate this during job interviews by asking questions about the company and the role you are applying for.

Adequate Understanding of Australian Culture

Lastly, while Australian culture is best experienced within the country itself, it is important for potential candidates to have a fair understanding of Australian culture and the way of life here. While this is not something that employers outwardly look for when trying to hire global candidates, it can help you blend in and work better with your future colleagues, thereby making a better impression.


Every employer wants to make sure that any of their investment in their workforce will result in a positive outcome for their business. They want to meet and sponsor workers who are qualified for the job. However, they also want someone who can show that they can thrive in their roles and the work environment they will be joining. 

Develop the above-mentioned skills and ensure you have the necessary work experience. Also, prepare the documents to prove your qualifications. By doing these, you will surely shine and gain an advantage in landing the job.

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