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    Visa Jobs is here to help Australian employers source skilled workers and understand the requirements when sponsoring through the TSS Visa scheme. We provide you with access to a large pool of experienced and visa eligible candidates.

    Employer job ads are free to post. The best part? We will post it for you.

    If you are interested in employer sponsorship and have a current vacancy that you need help filling, get in contact with us today. Our team will post your job ads for you, saving you time so you can concentrate on finding the right candidate.

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    A common problem Australian employers face is the shortage of skilled workers across our key industries. With a large portion of skilled migrant workers leaving Australia due to COVID-19, and there not being enough skilled workers in our local labour market, this is likely to only get worse.

    As a result, employers have to constantly compete to attract or retain staff. Sponsoring skilled workers is a great solution that helps increase employee retention, especially if their aim is to stay in Australia long-term.

    No recruitment fees – Access to a large pool of candidates – Complete control of the recruitment process 

    At Visa Jobs we are not recruiters. We won’t charge you recruitment or placement fees if you decide to sponsor one of our candidate members. We will however help and support you throughout your recruitment process, and are happy to recommend candidates that might be perfect for your company. 

    If you need additional support or professional services from Registered Migration Agents when lodging any visa applications, our affiliate partners are always happy to help. We offer peace of mind by ensuring that the candidates chosen have been assessed as visa eligible, meaning they are in a position to lodge their visa application as soon as they are offered the job.

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