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Visa Jobs is here to help hospitality employers source qualified candidates and understand the requirements when sponsoring through the TSS Visa scheme. We provide you with access to a large pool of skilled and eligible candidates.

Employer job ads are also free to post. The best part? We will post it for you.

We post job ads on behalf of the employers to help save their team’s time and effort so they can concentrate on finding the right candidate. Our aim is to provide an amazing service and as much support as possible to both the candidate and the employer. We are here to assist employers with filling job vacancies. No obligations.

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A major problem the Australian hospitality industry faces is the shortage of skilled chefs and cooks compared to the number of vacancies in the local market. This is only likely to get worse as it is becoming less common for the younger generation to study vocational trades like Commercial Cookery, which could result in an even larger chef shortage in Australia.

This means most employers have to constantly compete to attract or retain staff. At Visa Jobs, we provide employers with an opportunity to expand resources by connecting them to global candidates with a diverse set of work experiences and specialist backgrounds.

Hire an expert or a specialist

Employers requiring chefs who are experts in certain cuisines or sections of the kitchen usually struggle to find employees that are a perfect fit to their job requirements. At Visa Jobs, we connect employers to a wide array of specialist candidates. We also offer a large pool of candidates who are ready and eligible to apply for jobs in Australia.

Have complete control of the recruitment process – No recruitment fees – Access to a large pool of candidates

At Visa Jobs we are not recruiters. We won’t charge you any recruitment or placement fees if you decide to sponsor one of our candidate members. We are here to help and support you in managing applications or recommending candidates that might be perfect for your company. You can contact candidates directly through our platform and manage your recruitment process any way you like. We offer peace of mind by ensuring that the candidates chosen have been assessed by a Registered Migration Agent and are eligible for job sponsorships.

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