The Ultimate Guide on Migrating to Australia 2020 with the 482 Visa (TSS Visa) Sale 2


The Ultimate Guide on Migrating to Australia 2020 with the 482 Visa (TSS Visa) Sale 2

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Migrating to Australia is not difficult with the correct information. This guide will help you understand what you need, when you need it, and how to secure that very important job in Australia. 

We’ve been helping people from around the world migrate to Australia for many years. Our combined experience and expertise has lead to the creation of this in-depth guide to make migrating to Australia easier.


What’s included in the guide?

94 pages of important information to help you migrate to Australia.

  • Stage 1: Understanding the TSS Visa
  • Stage 2: Eligibility requirements
  • Stage 3: Documents needed
  • Stage 4: Registered Migration Agent’s assessment
  • Stage 5: Searching for employers who offer sponsorship
  • Stage 6: Landed the dream job, time to apply for the visa



About the author

Jonathan Matta was born in the United Kingdom but migrated to Australia in 2010. Originally travelling on a Working Holiday Visa, he navigated his way through a number of different visas to eventually become an Australian Citizen in 2017. The complicated nature of the visa process meant he was nearly forced to leave the country, struggling to find a business that would sponsor him. This experience made him realise that the process of

migrating should be much easier than it is. After years working in international recruitment for hospitality professionals, he decided more could be done.



Visa Jobs is an online platform that provides access to visa information, jobs that offer sponsorship, and Registered Migration Agents. The aim of this is to simplify the process for anyone needing help to migrate to Australia. If you’re considering migrating through the TSS Visa it’s important
to understand the requirements, the process, and the limitations of the visa.

This is why Visa Jobs’ Ultimate Guide on Migrating to Australia has been written. It combines Jonathan’s expert industry knowledge with all of the immigration and visa information required, so that migrating to Australia becomes a straightforward process.

What other customers thought about this ebook

“I struggled to find detailed info about the visa requirement and documents. The guide was very helpful, glad I found it!”  Chad Thomas

“Visa Jobs was so helpful in answering all my questions and helping me understand the TSS visa process.” Bhakti Pal

“I definitely recommend Visa Jobs if you’re looking for better opportunities in Australia and quick service.”  Chitra Shrestha



Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Is migrating to Australia worth it?

Australia has been fortunate enough to be one of the few countries who have been successful in limiting the amount of damage this pandemic is having on their country. Not only has the health department kept cases to one of the lowest counts in the world, but the Australian government has pledged billions of dollars to help the economy and keep people employed including overseas workers on visas.


Is migrating to Australia an option during COVID-19?

The process of migrating can take a long time, so now is the perfect time for people who have more free time on their hands, to start the process. The Department of Immigration is still processing visa applications so it’s still possible to go through the process and lodge a visa application. This means as soon as the visa is granted and travel restrictions are lifted you will be able to migrate straight away rather than starting the long process.


Is migrating to Australia difficult?

Yes, unless you know exactly what to do and how to plan it. This ebook takes through the whole journey and explains everything in detail. We’ve also clearly segmented the ebook into sections so you can find them again easily.


What should I consider when migrating to Australia?

It can seem a little overwhelming without some direction. That’s why we created this ebook to help you with a step by step guide. A lot of people from all around the world have benefited from our guidance, now it’s your opportunity to get access to this knowledge for a very low price.



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