Skilled Occupation List in Australia: 7 In-Demand Jobs this 2019

If you’re considering to relocate and pursue a career in Australia, the first thing to do is to check the skilled occupation list for the 482 visa and ensure that there is one that you are eligible for. Doing so will allow you to determine the requirements needed for the job as well as the length of your visa, if approved, and your Permanent Residency options. 

Additionally, it is also helpful to know which jobs are more in-demand than others so you can strategically plan your next steps and have a higher chance of getting a job offer and your TSS visa application approved.

While much of the jobs can vary depending on where in Australia you’re looking to live, there are a few notable roles that have become increasingly in-demand in the country. Here’s a list of some of the most sought after jobs for the past several years and are looking to continue being desired in 2019 and beyond.


Kindergarten Teacher

If you want to continue or start a career in early childhood education, then you might want to look at the requirements and job opportunities for kindergarten or pre-primary school teachers. 

Early childhood education is a growing industry in Australia today and the demand for teachers is expected to increase in the coming years, especially in larger cities. 

This occupation falls under the Medium and Long Term Strategic List (MLTSSL) where permanent residency can be an option and you are allowed to work in either regional Australia or Metropolitan areas, such as Sydney or Melbourne.

Software and Application Programmer 

The global demand for programmers has exponentially increased over the years. In Australia, in particular, there are a wealth of opportunities across many industries for people who are skilled in this niche.

It is listed under the Medium and Long Term Strategic List (MLTSSL) and most occupations in this group have a level of skill commensurate with a bachelor degree or higher qualification. Knowledge and experience in using programming codes and languages such as C++, Java, and ORACLE to develop software specifications can also be a great plus if you plan to apply for this position. 


Health Care is one of the industries in Australia that is predicted to see a boom in its job growth in the near future. Furthermore, experts are already seeing shortages in registered nurses and mental health nurses in some states and territories.

That being said, the nursing occupation is one of the most in-demand jobs in the country and can often be a great way for global candidates to enter the Australian medical industry. According to career experts, 3 nursing career specialisations are expected to be in great demand in the future. They are aged care nursing, mental health nursing, and critical care nursing.

General Practitioner 

Another hard-to-fill position in the healthcare industry is that of General Practitioners. Despite an increase in the number of professionals in this role during the past few years, there is still a high demand for individuals, especially in rural areas, who are looking to build their career as a general practitioner in Australia. 

General practitioners have one of the most important roles in medicine, diagnosing, treating and preventing human physical and mental disorders and injuries. As such, this position requires a significant amount of training and qualifications including registration and licensing.


Occupations in fields of accountancy and finance are also among the most in-demand roles in Australia. In addition to accountants, other sought-after roles are finance managers and financial controllers, senior auditors and insolvency professionals. Those with government experience will also have a better position in their application. 

It is also important to note that registration or licensing may be required for certain services such as auditing.


The Australian hospitality industry is constantly growing with new restaurants, cafes, pubs, and hotels opening all over the country. Unfortunately, the local labour market for most areas, especially in regional Australia, are not able to keep up with the demand for chefs and cooks.

Also in high demand are bakers and pastry cooks, as well as restaurant or hotel managers. All of these occupations will either require relevant qualifications as well as two years of full-time work experience. If you don’t have the required qualification, three or more years of experience will do.

Construction Project Manager

Another large contributor to employment growth in the country is the construction industry. With several infrastructure projects underway, many Australian companies are looking for experienced, well-qualified construction project managers who can plan, organise, control and coordinate the construction of their civil engineering and building projects.

In the past few years, there has been a large demand for construction project managers in Western Australia, Queensland, and New South Wales.

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