Tips to Building A Strong Resume

Applying for a visa sponsorship job in Australia can be very complex. This is because you’ll have to go through a variety of stages before you can start working in Australia – from researching whether the position you are eyeing can be nominated for sponsorship to awaiting the outcome of your application.

One of these stages, of course, is applying to jobs. A crucial key to getting your foot in a prospective employer’s door is by building a strong resume. 

To help you give the best impression to potential employers, we have listed some tips on how to craft a professional resume that hiring managers won’t be able to ignore. 


Quality Over Quantity

With every job application, we would want to highlight all the skills that make us the right person for the job. This is primarily done to maximise our chances of getting the job. As a result, many of us will aim to include all of our skills in our resume.

However, you need not include every single skill that you possess, as many of these will be shared with other applicants. The majority of the applicants will be proficient in the use of Microsoft Word, email, and many other soft skills. Including them in your application doesn’t set you apart from competitors.

Be More Specific

Instead of spending a significant amount of time and space listing all of your skills, you should detail the ones most relevant to the position. With the space that you’ll save from not listing your generic skills, you’ll be able to go into more detail about those other specific skill sets you do have.

Go Into Detail

Once you have identified your most relevant skills, you can discuss how you’ve developed them and how you’ve applied them to your work in the past. By doing so, you’ll be in a better position to highlight how you may be more adept at them than another applicant.

Quality over quantity can also extend to your previous positions. You shouldn’t need to layout every job you’ve had during your career. Instead, you should detail the most relevant positions, how you excelled in these roles, and how you were able to deliver measurable results. 


Writing a resume is like advertising yourself. And what’s one of the aspects that make effective ads work? They focus on the direct benefits customers will get from their products or services. That’s how it is for resumes, too.

Research the company you are targeting to give you a visa sponsorship job in Australia. Learn the type of accomplishments they commend and qualities they look for in a candidate. By doing so, you will be able to adjust your resume and focus on the skills and achievements that matter most to the business and the role you are applying for. 

 Use Action-Oriented Words

Switching up a few common words with compelling action verbs can go a long way. They help you better demonstrate your strengths and achievements, and prove why you are the right person for the job.

Try to use action verbs or power words such as “delivered,” “executed,” “devised,” or “spearheaded” to add more energy to your resume and catching a hiring manager’s attention.

Skip Generic Descriptors

Most CVs include the terms ‘detail-oriented,’ ‘hard-working,’ and other similar phrases. They have become so common to the point that these have become close to meaningless for a recruiter. As a result, many recruiters simply skip over these.

This means that focusing on these traits could be a waste of time for both you and the company you’re looking into to offer you a visa sponsorship job in Australia. Instead, you should focus on areas that make you stand out from the crowd more than those traits mentioned above.

Similar to skills, it can often be beneficial to focus on quality rather than quantity. By doing so, you’ll be able to be more in-depth than others. This could allow you to highlight how you utilised particular traits to accomplish your goals.

While this may take some more time to correctly word and format, it can reap dividends when you’re making any type of application.

 Don’t Be Afraid To Name-Drop

While many people will avoid name-dropping in everyday life, these are things that you should include in your CV. This is especially true if any brand that you’ve worked with or for during your career is well-known, especially internationally.

This can be a way to grab a person’s interest quickly and will highlight any skills that you were able to show off during this time. While you may not have worked directly for a particular prominent brand, working on any projects with them can be something to include in the CV.

If you work in sales or business development, for example, and were able to close deals with large international firms on behalf of your company, then this will be positive for your application. You should ensure that you do this properly and don’t name-drop just for the sake of name-dropping.

Use Keywords Wisely

Many employers nowadays use keyword-scanning tools to narrow down the number of applicants. This said you would be in a better position if you use keywords that are customised to the description of the visa sponsorship job you are applying for.

For instance, if you have been in a “client relations” department in your previous role, but an employer is looking for someone with “customer service” experience – then your resume should note that you have been a part of a “customer service team.”

However, remember to only add these words or phrases where relevant. Don’t go overboard and force them when out of context. 


Your resume or CV is your most powerful tool to market yourself to prospective employers and ensure a successful job search. This said, make sure to take the time to craft a strong CV that will showcase your skills and demonstrate why you are the best match for the job.

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