Stop getting rejected at interviews and make your document gathering easier

The official report you can use to prove to employers you are eligible to work in Australia

You can now submit your TSS Visa Agent Report to potential employers to prove you have gathered all of the required documents and been assessed as eligible for the TSS Visa.. This gives you a much greater advantage in landing your dream job.

Both you and your prospective employer will have the peace of mind knowing that your documents are all set and you’re ready to apply for a TSS Visa as soon as you receive a job offer.


What’s included in the bundle for only $99 (AUD):

1 X TSS Visa Agent Report

PLUS you also get:

The Ultimate Guide on Migrating to Australia 2020 with the 482 Visa (TSS Visa)

Instant access to our Document Gathering Course

What’s included in the report:

Assessment from a Registered Migration Agent (RMA) of your eligibility

An official report from the RMA to use with any employer

Personal feedback on your documents, with suggestions where needed

Customer support from Visa Jobs for 3 months to help you gather your documents

Free BONUS material:

Receive our 95 page Ebook explaining everything you need to know in order to get a TSS Visa

Take our document gathering course that explains exactly what to do when gathering your documents saving you time, money and effort

How does the report work?
  1. Sign up for the product
  2. You’ll receive a document checklist specific to your occupation
  3. Gather your necessary documents to complete the checklist
  4. Contact us for help with document gathering
  5. Upload your documents via our portal
  6. Registered Migration Agent assesses your documents
  7. You receive an official report to show your eligibility

TSS Visa Eligibility Report
Do you keep getting rejected at job interviews?

Australian employers want to know if you are eligible for sponsorship before hiring you. You will jeopardise your chances of securing that dream job if you can’t show you eligible quickly. We see it happen too often.

That’s why we created this TSS Visa Agent Report so you can prove at the job application submission stage that you are eligible to work in Australia. It has saved a lot of members heart ache and pain from getting rejected at the interview stage, or even worse, not getting a call back.

Get ahead and make your job application stand out with this official report to prove you can work anywhere in Australia.

You know you want to live and work in Australia, but don’t know the process or which documents you need.

You may need up to 40 documents, do you know which ones you’ll need? What the specific requirements are for each document? There are a lot of factors to consider when collecting signatures on documents and official documents. Our support staff are here to help you.

The Ultimate Guide bonus material is also a great resource for getting a deep understanding of the whole TSS visa process, with some really helpful tips and tricks.

Do you need an English or skills assessment, or a police check, but don’t know where to get them from?

We are often asked, where should I get my English test completed? What’s the best skills assessment centre to use? We’ve been helping people migrate to Australia for many years and know the industry very well. We can help you with these decisions.

If you need our help or recommendations completing these requirements then contact us at today.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I fail the agent assessment?

  • You still get a report, regardless if you failed. It will also detail why you failed
  • If you failed due to lack of documents or supply of incorrect documents, then the agent’s report will explain what you need to fix
  • If you failed due to not meeting the requirements, the agent report will let you know where you didn’t meet them

Why not try our quick and free eligibility assessment by clicking here


After I submit my documents on the VisaJobs portal, how long until I receive my report?

  • 5 business days at most, but it can be quicker. It depends on the volume of applications at the time but we guarantee that you will receive your report within 5 business days.


What is included in the report?

  • Full name, DOB, nationality and occupation being assessed
  • Assessment outcome
  • A summary of all the documents you submit as well as expiration dates if they apply to the documents (e.g. English test certificates, Police Certificates and Skills Assessments)
  • Registered Migration Agent’s additional notes for the applicant
  • Official Migration Agent Registration Number (MARN)


What is the refund policy?

  • We have a 7-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied we will refund you the full price. Please send us an email at within 7 days of your purchase to process the refund.

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